Salary is your first love, whether you admit it or you don’t. Yet you always feel sad when you talk about it with people you know. You are never excited about your salary as you continue to feel you should be making so much more than what is being offered to you. This feeling of being Salary deprivation leads you to a series of Job changes over years to jobs which you may not even like but it satisfies your pockets so you have to accept certain blows down the ego. It takes a lot many years before you are able to manage a systematic plan of expenses and savings from your income that you start worrying less. Even then you would consider starting a business or an extra source of income. Your needs will never be over as your ambitions are later fed by your family’s needs. Your hopes to keep everyone happy pushes you to earn more and more before you can settle down. Hence, we can rightly say that Salary is that girlfriend of yours whom you want to bed and as soon as you have achieved the target you feel you need something more. Hence you become exploring options.

There is a time in everyone’s life when you get the realization about your love for salary is more than your ambition. There comes a time when you may find yourself jobless. That is the time when you realize the salary which you thought was not enough, suddenly becomes so dear that you start praying to have it back sooner than later. You tell others you would want a raise but inside you know you would accept a similar offer. Because the fear of going without pay for long is far greater. The salary indeed is the biggest motivation and happiness quotient in anyone’s life. Let’s hope that we all manage to feed our pockets the same way we have been during this Lockdown due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

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