Every day we open up the internet and find numerous people advising us how to become rich and walking us through a series of methods that will take us to the path towards wealth and richness. We just have to sail through all that they say without thinking or questioning what, why, and how of anything. Any single step which we couldn't complete in the process is our fault for the failure and it has nothing to with the Mentors methodology which is a proven successful technique that has created 100’s if not thousands of millionaires already.

One tries hard to start and try to become rich as the mentor said you had all the qualities to become successful and rich. He was surprised why you are still living the same miserable life as if it was your sad choice and you weren't even knowing it. He would use your savings, your investments, or your little wealth or income to tell you how best you need to redo the whole process to start becoming rich slowly with the formula they provide. Agreed and understood, hats off to them. Some of us actually do think they did make us rich from our own money and income by planning it better for us of course at a cost which was a little incentive for the experience they were willing to share with us to make us rich.

I tried that a number of times and to my surprise, none had a solution to my problem which was simply that I need to become rich as I don't have money. To my surprise, they have nothing to offer for my wealth making expedition since I have no money, which was why I needed the help to start with. They do suggest then to take help from family, friends, or fools and raise some money to then come back to them and they will help me make more money. In simple words, you are useless to them if you have nothing and they have no will to guide you through a real channel with which money can be made with hard work.

It is also surprisingly shocking to find most of the Real Money Making formula are coming from people who have closed regular businesses or left jobs which paid them nearly losses all life.

In the quest to make money, there are no shortcuts and one should stick to rules which are simple. Get ready every day to work hard, find ways to sell something, and create money slow and steady. Don't run after false dreams people show you and invest money you have to take loans for. It's not worth it and that kind of money is not for everyone.

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